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We provide a Full-Stack Web App Generator and pre-built Web Apps prototyped in different patterns: Admin Dashboards, Static Sites, JAMstack. AppSeed is used by 1283 registered developers and plays an active role in the open-source ecosystem.
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Web App Generator - Full-Stack generator provided by AppSeed.

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Anyone, even without an account, can use AppSeed to generate web apps and code modern apps on top of our boilerplates. The official repository contains more than 40 projects released under the MIT license. Read more about Appseed features.

Web App Generator

Generate React, Vue full-stack web apps in minutes. No registration required.

Boilerplate Code

Stop reinventing the wheel and write code on top of tested boilerplates.

Pre-built Apps

Open-Source React, Vue Full-stack apps released under the MIT license.

Quality Support

We provide free Email support and 24/7 LIVE support on Discord (for paid plans).

Pre-Built Full-Stack Web Apps

React, Vue.js, JAMstack apps bundled with Express, Laravel or Flask backends. 24/7 LIVE Support included (for paid plans).
Free Apps:  React   GatsbyJS   Flask

Free Web Apps

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Latest Free App:
Free Dashboards:   Argon   Light Bootstrap

Admin Dashboards

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Latest Admin Panel:
Blazing Fast built in Eleventy SSG, Panini

Static Sites

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Latest Static Site
Sample Apps:   Flask Dashboard black

Black Design

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Latest Product:
Sample Apps:   Dashboard Light Blue

Light Design

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Latest Product: