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We provide tested Admin Dashboards, JAMstack, SSG starters actively supported by Email and Discord - 24/7 LIVE Support service.
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Generate React, Vue full-stack web apps in minutes. No registration required.

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Stop reinventing the wheel and write code on top of tested boilerplates.

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Open-Source React, Vue Full-stack apps released under the MIT license.

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We provide free Email support and 24/7 LIVE support on Discord (for paid plans).

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Pre-Built Admin Dashboards

Free and Premium starters coded in Flask and Django with database, authentication, DB tools and deployment scripts.
24/7 LIVE Support via Discord .
Designed by WrapPixel DEMO

Django Material Wpx PRO $79

Logo jquery apps.
Material Design PRO
Designed by CodedThemes DEMO

Flask DattaAble PRO $79

Logo jquery apps.
DattaAble PRO Design
Designed by Themesberg DEMO

Django Pixel PRO 25%Off $129

Logo jquery apps.
Seed project coded in Django
Designed by Themekita DEMO

Django AtlantisDark PRO $79

Logo jquery apps.
Atlantis Dark PRO Design
Designed by BootstrapDash DEMO

Flask Azia PRO $79

Logo jquery apps.
Azia PRO Design
Designed by Creative-Tim DEMO

Flask Argon PRO $89

Logo jquery apps.
Argon Dashboard PRO Design