Pre-built apps styled with Bulma CSS

All Apps are enhanced with tooling, well documented and mostly Free and Open-Source.
If you are looking for a new way of building, mobile first, full-stack apps, choose one of our pre-built apps that use Bulma CSS.
Not convinced? Just grab the code for our latest open-source freebie: BulmaPlay. Enjoy it!

Bulma CSS FlaskPlay

BulmaPlay design based on Bulma CSS Framework and backend coded in Flask Microframework.


Bulma CSS Landing

Open-Source app made with Bulma CSS Framework in JAMstack pattern. Build amazing web apps with BulmaLanding boilerplate.


Bulma CSS BulmaPlay

Open-Source app made with Bulma CSS, the modern CSS Framework based on Flexbox. Build your next project with BulmaPlay.


HR Management System

HR System Web App - built with Panini Static Generator and Bulma CSS

Bulma CSS Resources

Build your next web application on top of Bulma CSS, the modern and open-source CSS Framework based on Flexbox.
Bulma Components - Bulma CSS Sources - Bulma Builder