Argon Design coded in Vue.js

A state of the art design (by Creative-Tim) implemented in Vue.js / Vuex with JWT token based authentication. Features like login, logout and form validation are tested and ready to be used. This Full-Stack Vue.js App let helps you prototype faster idea and deliver more to your customers.
Screen shot of Argon Design coded in Vue.js and Flask backend as Full-Stack App.

Argon Design - Flask Backend

Flask is a Python web framework built with a small core and easy-to-extend philosophy. Sometimes called a "microframework" because Flask aims to be as simple as possible, yet still extensible.

Support & Credits

In case you need support, feel free to access the official documentation or contact us on Discord for LIVE support. Issues can be opened directly on GitHub.
Design Creative-Tim.

Full Stack App , JWT Auth, Helpers

Argon Design in Vue.js / Flask