Product Features

Open-Source Nodejs / Express API server enhanced with JWT authentication, SQLite database, Sequelize ORM and basic tooling.
The product is released under the MIT license and is versioned based on the suggestion & feedback received from developers. We provide free Email support and 24/7 LIVE support (via Discord) for paid plans.


MIT License

Pro Version

Unlimited projects

How to use

The open-source version, released under MIT license can be used wthout any constraints for hobby or comercial projects. The source code and documentation contain enough information to help anyone building the app.
In case you want to build this Nodejs Starter, without leaving this page, just type:

git clone
cd nodejs-starter
vi .env # To edit the setup for JWT authentication
yarn # install modules
yarn start # start for development

If all goes well, the Nodejs Starter can be tested with POSTMAN on port 3000.
This product is actively supported via Email and 24/7 Live support on Discord (for paid plans)
Thank you!

Open-Source Nodejs / Express boilerplate

Nodejs Starter