About US

We are a small team from Constanta, a beautiful city located on the Black Sea coast in Romania. Here are some other projects actively supported by us:

Product Story

A comprehensive article that presents the genesys of this product (published on March 2020).

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The Core Team


Chirilov Adrian
Founder & CTO

15+ years of experience as a software engineer with a diverse background: C++, Java, Python, Automation, and Design Patterns.

Alexandru Paduraru
Business Advisor & Investor

Founder of Creative-Tim, a well-known web agency located in Romania, Alex decided to join AppSeed in 2021.

Valentin Raduti

15 years of experience as a full-stack developer and architect. Worked in the past for Nokia, Viavi, and Adobe.

Teo Deleanu
Full-Stack Consultant

Teo started as a co-founder of AppSeed and currently helps the team on different technical verticals: Front-end, NodeJS and new technologies adoption.

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