Django Dynamic API

Developer tool built on top of Django.

The tool aims to provide a secure, production-ready API via DRF using the developer's minimum amount of code For newcomers, Django is a leading backend framework used to code from simple websites and API's to complex eCommerce solutions.
DRF (Django REST Framework) is the most popular library for developing secure API services.

Specifications & Usage

As mentioned before, the Dynamic API tool aims to enable a secured API service on top of any Django codebase with a minimum effort. Here are the steps:

  • Install the Dynamic API package using PIP
  • Define a new model in the project (an old one can be also used)
  • Execute the database migration to create/update the associated tables
  • Update the configuration to enable the Dynamic API over the model
  • Start the app
  • Access the Dynamic API Service

For instance, if the new model managed by the Dynamic API is called books, the associate API is exposed at /api/books/


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