Last modified: Mar 01 2022

The purchase process starts with accessing the product page, clicking the "Pay" button that matches your product requirements: Personal, StartUP, and Company license.
Once the process is finished, the access to the source code is automatically unlocked.
The process is fully automatized by our payment processor (GUMROAD, Stripe).
Once the payment is validated, you will be able to download the product(s).
The products can be resold to an end-customer using a 1-1 transfer.
It is strictly forbidden to sell the end-products using a marketplace or using a service that competes with AppSeed.
  • Personal: perfect for solo-developers and freelancers that code hobby products.
  • StartUP: provided for small teams and StartUPs.
  • Company: this license type is required for SaaS products and large teams access.

For more information, feel free to contact the support team.