Product Features

Flask Dashboard Black uses the latest state-of-the-art design provided by Creative-Tim and includes an SQLite database, SQLAlchemy ORM, and the Flask native Jinja2 templating. Other features: Authentication (Register, Login), static export via Frozen-Flask and LIVE deploy via FTP.

Argon Dashboard, app screen-shot, the open-source dashboard coded in Flask Microframework.

Flask Backend

Flask is a Python web framework built with a small core and easy-to-extend philosophy, easy to get started with as a beginner because there is little boilerplate code for getting a simple app up and running. Flask newcomers can find out more in the official documentation.

How to use

Flask Dashboard Black is an open-source product, released under MIT license. The source code and documentation contain enough information to help anyone building the app. In case you want to build this product, without leaving this page, just type:

git clone
cd flask-black-dashboard
pip install -r requirements.txt

This product is actively supported via Email and 24/7 Live support on Discord (for paid plans)
Thank you!

Flask Dashboard with Black Dashboard design

Flask Dashboard Black