What we deliver

All generated apps share a common set of properties:
Tested and well-documented code-base, a beautiful user interface coded in React or Vue and a backend server enhanced with a database, ORM, and authentication.

Support & Updates

We provide free Email support for registered users and 24/7 LIVE support on Discord (for paid plans).

Demo Applications

Full-Stack application, generated with Material Kit React end Express Backend.
Vue Argon Design with Laravel backend.
Flask Dashboard with Black design.
JAMstack apps: Landed, Big Picture

Need More Full-Stack Apps?

Browse our index with pre-built React, Vue.js, GatsbyJS Apps bundled with Express, Laravel or Flask in the backend.
Free Apps:  React   GatsbyJS   Flask

Free Full-Stack Apps

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Latest Apps Bundle:
Blazing Fast:   JAMStack   BulmaLanding

Bulma CSS, JAMstack

Bulma CSS icon.
Latest App, Built with Bulma
Free Dashboards:   Argon   Light Bootstrap

Admin Dashboards

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Latest Admin Panel: