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Tested seed projects coded in Flask by our team of experts on top of modern UI Kits.

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BulmaCSS Play - Mobile view.

Free Sample: BulmaCSS Play

Open-source seed project coded in Flask on top of Fresh Design (Free version), a popular design from CssNinja.
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Modern UI Kits

Admin Dashboards designed by amazing agencies coded by experts.

Popular Bulma Starters

Open-Source seed projects coded with database, ORM, authentication already configured to be deployable in minutes.

Designed by CssNinja DEMO

Flask Dashkit PRO $49

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Features: Database, ORM, Deploy Scripts
Designed by CssNinja DEMO

Django Dashkit PRO $49

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Dashkit PRO Design
Designed by AppSeed DEMO

JAMstack Bulma Landing Free

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Landing Design
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