Product Features

Neumorphism UI Kit (Free Version) designed by Themesberg and coded in Flask Framework with SQLite database, SqlAlchemy ORM and authentication.


Neumorphism UI Bootstrap

Neumorphism UI makes use of the original neumorphism design specs. This free UI Kit it features over 200 individual components and 5 example pages.
Neumorphism UI includes 5 example pages including an about, pricing, contact, log in and register pages. You can use these example pages to quickly set up a working website in no time - Design provided by Themesberg.
Flask Neumorphism UI screen shot  - Features: Database, ORM, Deploy Scripts.

What is Flask

Flask is a Python web framework built with a small core, perfect for crafting API's and complex web apps. Read more about this framework by accessing the official Flask docs or related Flask articles published on our blog.

Flask Web App enhanced with authentication, SQLite database, ORM on top of Neumorphism UI Kit (Free Version) by Themesberg.