Product Features

App designed by HTML5 Up and coded in Flask Microframework with SQLite database, ORM and authentication

PhantomFlask App Screen Shot, the open-source app coded in Flask Microframework.


Flask is a Python web framework built with a small core and easy-to-extend philosophy, easy to get started with as a beginner because there is little boilerplate code for getting a simple app up and running. Please take a look at the app launcher. You can rock the world in 20 lines of code.

How to use

Flask Solid State is an open-source product, released under MIT license. The source code is published on Github and contains a comprehensive README file with build instructions. In case you want to build the Flask Solid State app, without leaving this page, just type:

git clone
cd flask-phantom
pip install -r requirements.txt

This product is actively supported via Email and 24/7 Live support on Discord (for paid plans)
Thank you!

HTML5 Up Phantom design coded in Flask Microframework