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Why AppSeed?

Basically, this service aim to help developers to speed up the adoption of cutting-edge tehcnologies. Using a production-ready full-stack app, a developer will spent less time to learn.

How To Use AppSeed?

You can use this service in many ways:

1. Generate your own app using the app generator. Files are sent to your email.
2. Use pre-built apps.

Do i need an account?

If you want to try the service first, without an account, use the app generator to get your web app in minutes.

Official @Github, Documentation?

Our official github is public and contains our latest full-stack development. Support included. The documentation can be accessed by anyone, without an account.

Your question not here?

No worries
We are social: email us at support@appseed.us or talk with us on Facebook

The Company

VC funded since aug.2018 by Gapminder VC

In the media: VC investment, partnership with Creative-Tim.

Chirilov Adrian

12+ yrs in programming, #automation geek

LinkedIn, CodeMentor, Blog

Teo Deleanu

10+ yrs in programming, IoT, Web Consultant

LinkedIn, CodeMentor, Blog

Tudor Barbu

2yrs in programming, C++, Python

LinkedIn, Blog

Pre-Built Admin Dashboards

Free and Premium starters coded in Flask and Django with database, authentication, DB tools and deployment scripts.
24/7 LIVE Support via Discord .

Flask Dashboard Datta PRO $99

Logo jquery apps.
DattaAble PRO Design

Flask Black PRO $99

Logo jquery apps.
Black Dashboard PRO Design

Django DattaAble Dark PRO $99

Logo jquery apps.
DattaAble Dark PRO Design