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AppSeed help developers to automate the boring part of the web development. We provide full-stack apps with fully coded UI and boilerplate code in various technologies (Nodejs, Laravel, Flask). Most of them, open-source.

App Generator

Generate apps using the most popular frontend and backend technology frameworks to suit any preference you might have: React, Vue UI Kits bundled with Express, Laravel or Flask in the backend.
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Build Deployment Ready Apps with @AppSeed App Generator

Boilerplate Code & Free Apps

Stop reinventing the wheel and write code on top of tested boilerplates. The code base is prototyped by experts and is coded on top of the most popular frameworks: Nodejs, Laravel, Flask.

Quality Support

You get full access to detailed documentation and free Email support. Need LIVE assistance? We provide 24/7 live support on Discord, for paid plans.
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Save time and build web apps using your favorite technology stack