Product Features

Volt Dashboard PRO designed by Themesberg, provided as a Flask/Jinja seed project. This codebase has no database or any other hard dependency to make easier the integration in all Python-based frameworks. 

UI Kit

Volt Dashboard PRO

Volt Dashboard PRO is a premium Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard featuring over 800 components, 20 example pages and 10 fully customized plugin written in Vanilla Javascript. Volt Pro comes with 20 example pages including the overview page, messages, user settings, transactions, calendar, sign in, sign up, and many more pages - Design provided by Themesberg.
Jinja Dashboard Volt PRO screen shot  - Seed project coded in Jinja/Flask.

What is Jinja

Jinja is a modern and designer-friendly templating language for Python, modelled after Django’s templates. It is fast, widely used and secure with the optional sandboxed template execution environment. Jinja is basically an engine used to generate HTML or XML returned to the user via an HTTP response.

Flask/Jinja seed project coded on top of Volt Dashboard PRO by Themesberg.