Flat HTML to usable Web Apps

Our automation tools will transform any UI-Kits into usable, production-ready web apps that help end-users to work less and be more productive.
Not convinced? Check out our public repository with more than 200 FREE web apps.


The famous Creative-Tim UI-Kits are now available in modern patterns and different programming languages: Flask Dashboard Black, Eleventy Material Kit PRO.
All generated web apps respect the best practices and paid products are supported via a LIVE Discord service.
AppSeed Creative-Tim partnership - Common Logo.
AppSeed BootstrapDash Partnership - Common Logo.


Based on this partnership, the popular StarAdmin PRO is now available as a coded web app: Flask Dashboard StarAdmin, soon available in other technologies like Django or NodeJs.
For newcomers, BootstrapDash is a well-known web agency and an active player in the open-source ecosystem.


The amazing UI Kits provided by this small but ambitious web agency are now available in many flavours and pricing plans (including FREE): Flask Atlantis Dark, PRO version available.
AppSeed ThemeKita Partnership - Common Logo.
AppSeed CssNinja Partnership - Common Logo.


The popular Dashkit is now available in two Python flavours: Dashkit Flask and Django Dashboard Dashkit.
CssNinja agency, by accepting our partnership unlock a new sales channel and consolidate their position as a company without any investment.
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