Berry Dashboard, a modern React Material UI design crafted by CodedThemes now configured with a Node JS API Backend.

Latest Update: 17.Oct.2021 - See ChangeLog.

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React Node JS Berry - Mobile view.

Berry Dashboard

Berry is a creative free React Admin Dashboard build using the Material-UI by CodedThemes. It is meant to provide a nice User Experience with highly customizable feature-riched pages now available in a full-stack product.

Berry Dashboard it is a complete game-changer React Dashboard Template with easy and intuitive responsive design as on retina screens or laptops.

Product Features


Node JS Backend - JSON-API ready

The API Backend Server empowers the frontend with a simple, yet powerful, JWT Authentication flow that covers all basic operations like login, logout, and register.
The codebase is provided using a beginner-friendly structure that implements the industry best practices. For more information please access the product documentation.
Node JS - The API backend used by React Node JS Berry App.

Premium Support

The product is actively supported via Github (issues tracker), Email and Discord - 24/7 LIVE Service. Join the community and tell us what you think about this product.
AppSeed LIVE Support - Service card image.
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PRO Version Available

React Berry PRO is a Material-UI Dashboard crafted by CodedThemes. This modern design comes with plenty of ready-to-use Material-UI components that will help you to build your site faster and saves your development time.

See PRO Version
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