Product Features

Static Site built with Eleventy (11ty) SSG on top of HTML5up Highlights design. Tooling: Webpack, Babel, LightServer and CSS processors.

Static Site

Static Site Eleventy Highlights

Modern static site boilerplate, coded in Eleventy on top of a beautiful design provided by Html5 Up agency.
Tooling: Webpack, Sass/SCSS, Babel, light-server, PostCSS, CSSnano and autoprefixer.
Static Site Eleventy Highlights screen shot  - Highlights Design.

What is Eleventy (11ty)

Eleventy is a simpler static site generator, written in JavaScript and has a very logical route to customisation and extension. Its main config file, which holds various configuration settings and variables, can also contain JavaScript functions which can be executed when needed as utilities.
Read more about this cutting-edge SSG on the official website.

How to use

Static Site Eleventy Highlights is an open-source product. In order to use the product please read the license file.
Want to test the product without leaving this window?

$ git clone
$ cd eleventy-html5up-highlights
$ yarn # install modules
$ yarn dev

This product is actively supported via Email and 24/7 Live support on Discord.
Thank you!

Want more? Go PRO!

Premium static sites include free updates and 24/7 Live support via Discord and eMail.
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11ty Material Kit PRO $99

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Eleventy, Webpack, Critical CSS
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