Static Site built with Eleventy (11ty) SSG on top of HTML5up Paradigm design. Tooling: Webpack, Babel, LightServer and CSS processors.

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11ty Html5Up Paradigm - Mobile view.

Paradigm Html5Up

Paradigm is a free site template provided by Html5Up agency. Comes with a modern, distinct UI, it's fully responsive and built in HTML5 and CSS3.

Product Features


Eleventy (11ty)

Eleventy was created to be a JavaScript alternative to Jekyll. It’s zero-config by default but has flexible configuration options. For more information, please access the product documentation.
Eleventy Framework - The core used by 11ty Html5Up Paradigm Web App.

Email Support

The product is actively supported via Github (issues tracker) and Email support [ @ ] - 48h response time.
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PRO Version Available

Premium Bootstrap 4 UI Kit built by Creative-Tim - Material Kit (premium version) features over 1000 individual components, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining. All components can take variations in colour, that you can easily modify using SASS files and classes.

See PRO Version

Seed project provided by AppSeed. Webpack, Babel, LightServer